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Award Winning Interior Design

For all things decorative, Chateau Versailles is here for you. Our boutique style interior designers proudly bear degrees from certified Canadian entities. The team frequently attends worldwide seminars and training sessions to further develop our skills. Having started up back in 2009, we have been growing and improving ourselves every day in order to obtain the quality our clients deserve. To achieve this, we carefully handpick all of our furniture and decorations so as to guarantee they are up to par with our professional standards.

With a 25,000 square foot warehouse carrying luxurious furniture valued at over 2 million dollars by famous brands from both Europe and North America. Having garnered over a decade of experience, we have carried out many high end projects for clients of all sorts.

Let us help make the change in your life you need to reach your ideal. By coming to us, you are making your dream design that much closer to a reality. We can make it happen. Together.

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