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How To Choose Living Room Furniture That Will Make You Look Like A Pro

How To Choose Living Room Furniture That Will Make You Look Like A Pro

They typically say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, but arguably the living room is just as much the heart of any home. After all, it is a room in which people live; they share stories, they watch television late at night. They drink tea with company.

Indeed, the living room is certainly the soul of the house.

Practically speaking, the living room serves as an area of both relaxation and socializing. A room tasked with mastering both comfort and formality, or rather function and aesthetics, it is a room that is important to get right.

To that end, your choice of living room furniture becomes integral to the living room, shaping it and even imparting mood and comfort. With that in mind, here is how to choose living room furniture to make your living room beautiful and comfortable, and to do so like a pro, no less.

1. Planning: The Basics

When deciding on what furniture to purchase, the first step is deciding what you actually need. This is the starting point for a strong living room.

For example, if you don’t account for the fact that you tend to entertain a lot of guests at a single time, you might have to bring in kitchen chairs to accommodate your guests, which would take away from your living room.

First, every living room should be equipped with the basics: a sofa, arm chair, coffee table and a side table or two. Here are a few other accessories that every living room must have.

Next, consider the function of your particular living room to guide your own needs.

While some people choose to spend every evening in their living room, others choose to have their living room serve for occasionally entertaining guests or for more formal affairs during the holidays.

Do you tend to entertain a lot of guests at once? Perhaps you need larger sofas or additional arm chairs to accommodate these guests.

In general, living rooms are rooms for conversation, so arrange furniture in a way that facilitates this interaction by having two pieces face each other instead of placing furniture against walls.

If you have a larger living room, you might want to think about having two separate areas for socializing.

Once you have figured out your unique needs, it is time to think about how these pieces should actually come together. Measure the following:

  • Room size
  • Doorways

You may also want to create a floor plan with a rough idea of how you will place your furniture based on the actual pieces you need. Ensure that you leave room for accent furniture, which we will get to in a moment.

2. Account for Current Architecture & The Rest of your Home

It is important to consider your living room’s current architecture, such as windows and other architectural elements of your home. Perhaps you have a beautiful window that could serve as the focal point of the room.

Remember: every room, the living room included, should have a focal point.

It is important that your furniture is somewhat cohesive with the architectural details of your home, otherwise your furniture can look off or detract from these architectural details rather than compliment them.

Here are some common living room design and decorating mistakes that you might want to take note of while we’re on the topic.

It is also important to consider the look of surrounding rooms; a living room’s furniture should not exist entirely independently of the other rooms in your home.

While pieces certainly don’t have to match with other rooms, they should, however, exist in harmony or complement each other in some way.

3. Design Around Colour and Theme (But Avoid Overly Matched Items)

Colour is an important aspect in mood setting. When deciding on furniture, you will want to think about how the colour of your furniture will convey your desired mood.

As far as theme goes, while every interior designer will tell you that you don’t need to stick to a rigid theme, broadly speaking, a living room theme serves to unify the room so that the room doesn’t appear entirely hap hazardous.

A modern theme? Contemporary? Old world? The choice is yours.

Remember that a room that is too perfectly matched is not a favourable look; feel free to mix and match somewhat.

If the rest of your room is symmetrical, you can feel confident exploring with more mismatched items because you will retain balance given the symmetrical aspect of the room itself.

With that in mind, here is some living room theme inspiration.

4. Add Accent Pieces

Once you’ve selected your core furniture based on your own needs, it is time to think about incorporating accent pieces. Accent pieces, while not the focal point of the room, serve to bring the room together.

Accent pieces are a great way to inject pops of colour or pattern into the room. If you have blank spaces in the room, you can fill in these gaps with stands.

Accent pieces provide you with a chance to experiment more freely with your furniture selection, to choose pieces with unexpected shapes or details, if you’re partial toward it.

5. Choose Luxurious, High Quality Fabrics & Solid Pieces

Choosing luxurious, high-quality fabrics for key pieces of your living room, like your sofa, will inject a cosy feel into your living room while still allowing it to retain a sophisticated appearance.

Since living rooms tend to get a lot of use, high-quality fabrics are key to ensuring that your pieces will remain durable after much daily use. If you use your living room regularly, you might want to consider choosing darker fabrics over lighter ones.

Here is a visual look at how to mix fabrics and patterns.

Similarly, heavy, solid furniture will add to that comfy aspect of your living room, such as solid wood frames.

In closing, remember the following when selecting furniture: let your needs dictate what pieces you choose, but remember to account for the unique architectural details in your home. Then, design around a colour and theme.

Add accent pieces to complete the look of your room and opt for luxurious fabrics and solid pieces.  If you do that, your living room will end up looking like it was designed by a professional.

Things You Need to Make Your Next Business Meeting More Productive

Things You Need to Make Your Next Business Meeting More Productive

After a great meeting, participants should leave with a new sense of energy and clear direction as to what to do next.

Unfortunately, many meetings don’t fare so well. In fact, most business meetings are notoriously unproductive, with the average person wasting 31 hours in unproductive meetings every single month.

However, effective business meetings are at the core of a successful business. With time always being of the essence, you will see great benefit from running your meetings more effectively.

Ultimately, every great meeting is always formed around thorough planning and the good news is that with a few changes like setting clear objectives and having a few tools at your side, you can drastically make your next business meeting much more productive.

1. A Timer

Naturally, a timer is going to be one of the most important tools you can have to make your next meeting more productive. Whether you use a literal timer or you set a timer on your mobile phone, every good business meeting is structured around the idea of ‘time.’

For example: every meeting should begin on time so that not only do you not run rate and miss your next meeting, but you also establish a culture where time is valued.

There is much debate about the ideal business meeting length, and obviously it varies based on the content of the meeting, but this is a good tool for open ended meetings that could potentially run for much longer than they need to.

The timer serves as a reminder to stay on track with your objective and proceed through your main points, preventing you from falling off course.

2. A Facilitator

Nearly half of the employees in the above Atlassian’s study found that employees believe that meetings are a waste a time, and not only that but that they were the number one time waster.

Having key people in the meeting, like a facilitator, is highly important to ensure that meetings aren’t a complete waste of everyone’s time.

The facilitator should keep things on course, should summarize key points and keep the meeting as productive as possible.

It can be very helpful to have this key person take hold of the meeting and offer support where needed.

3. A Minute Taker

Every great meeting ends with clearly defined tasks for the future. It is imperative that every meeting ends with this proper follow-up; without it, the point or purpose of your meeting could be entirely lost on others or, worse, forgotten about entirely.

In short, you want to have someone take minutes during meetings and then disperse this information with clearly actionable tasks or reminders at the end of every minute. This will ensure that no one leaves your business meeting wondering: “What was the point?”

Never hold a meeting for the sake of holding a meeting. Remember that the best companies, like Apple, leave each business meeting with actionable tips for all participants.

This same premise also holds true prior to the actual meetings themselves. Send an email to all involved about what topics will be covered during the meeting and what decisions need to be made.

This gives participants involved time to think about the topics prior to the meeting, therein going to the meeting much more equipped to be able to make decisions and to have already informed opinions on the matter at hand.

When you consider that every great meeting always has a clear objective and defined points, there really isn’t that much more work involved with this task.

In the future, these minutes also serve as great tools to be able to evaluate whether you met your past goals.

A mobile and desktop tool like is a great tool to use for taking notes and listing actionable tips in a way that everyone can collaborate on.

Toss away your notebook or pad of paper and take your notes on a digital app like the one above instead.

4. A New Meeting Place

Many business meetings can be rejuvenated with a simple change in location. This new setting can inspire new ideas and get the creative juices flowing.

Perhaps your current meeting place isn’t that conducive to productivity in the first place; maybe there’s a lot of noise and other distractions that derail your meeting.

Consider having your next business meeting at the luxurious Chateau Versailles nestled in West Vancouver with beautiful views of the downtown skyline.

Our membership club service offers access to our luxurious and quiet business lounge, the perfect location for all business meetings. The key is to ensure that your location has all the necessary amenities to accomplish what you need.

We offer business services like high-speed WIFI, laptops, office equipment and presentation screens - everything you need to run a productive meeting, along with exclusive servers and complimentary tea and coffee.

Why We Choose to Serve Thomas Haas’ Pastries

Why We Choose to Serve Thomas Haas’ Pastries

To understand why we serve Thomas Haas’ pastries, pastries that come from the world renowned patissier, we must first go into a brief history of Thomas Haas himself as his story of passion and tradition is an integral part of why we choose to serve his pastries at our very own cafe here in Vancouver.

We are certain that once you hear a bit more, you’ll understand exactly what makes Thomas Haas’ pastries so incredible.

A Brief History Of Thomas Haas

Thomas Haas is a fourth-generation patissier who learned the art of handcrafting chocolates and pastries in his great-grandfather’s German cake shop, which the grandfather opened in the early 1900s. The cake shop became known for its black forest cakes.

This is a story of humble beginnings and an inspiring one at that. It’s a story of hard work and dedication triumphing over the years.

Cultivating a passion for food and pastries himself, the young Haas set out to further craft his skills, going on to work alongside top chefs in Michelin-starred restaurants, carrying on the family tradition while doing so.

Eventually, Haas’ passion took him well beyond his younger days at his grandfather's cake shop, finally taking him across the ocean to New York. He would go on to serve as executive pastry chef at the famous chef Daniel Boulud's flagship restaurant, Daniel, on Park Avenue.

Haas’ passion and skill had taken him far. He became regarded as one of the top pastry chefs in America by Chocolatier and Pastry Art and Design magazines.

The rest, they say, is history. He opened up Thomas Haas Fine Pastries and Desserts Ltd., in 2000, serving his chocolates to the finest hotels in Canada and America.

Chocolates that had once charmed the locals of his grandfather’s shop had evolved from experience across the globe to become one of the finest brands in the world.

The demand was so strong that he opened up his own chocolate shop in Vancouver along with his wife. The bakery has now grown to two locations dedicated to only these sweet treats.

Haas’ chocolate shop is also a cappuccino bar, but he specializes in handmade pastries, chocolates and even wedding cakes. Simply known as Thomas Haas, it is arguably the best bakery in Vancouver with rave reviews to match.

You could say it was always meant to be - fate, if you will. The product of a life lovingly devoted to a single task that would be perfected from years of hard work.

His grandfather would certainly be proud.

Staying true to his passion and familial roots, the patissier tradition continues on in the Haas family.

Handcrafted Pastries

Handcrafted in Kitsilano and North Vancouver, Thomas Haas pastries are simply the best pastries in Vancouver and, according to many, maybe even the best in the entire world.

Each pastry is made with the highest quality ingredients, not to mention handcrafted by a world-renowned, award-winning patissier, which makes them not only exceptional but the process also adds an additional level of interest.

Each pastry is infused with a great balance of flavours. They are authentic, too. Simply the best pastry you will ever have. You will have to come and try one instead of just taking our word for it.

Whether you choose a brioche, a fresh fruit danish or a pain au chocolat, there is a pastry for everyone and each one is as much a slice of heaven as the next. Check out the rave reviews and you will begin to see why people flock to his bakery.

Why We Serve Thomas Haas Pastries

We believe that every day should have a little added slice of heaven in the form of an indulgent treat. At Chateau Versailles, we have a penchant for the luxurious.

We believe our patrons should be served the absolute best. Not only do we have access to the top furniture, but also the best possible pastries - Thomas Haas pastries, of course - here in our cafe.

We invite you to come and dine with us for a little while.

With a story like that of Thomas Haas - a tale of love and passion for food, a story rich in tradition and passion - it is no wonder these pastries have risen to the top.

Vancouverites flock to both of Haas’ bakery locations, but here in our cafe you can access the delightful world of Thomas Haas pastries while enjoying the luxuries of the Chateau Versailles.

The pastries are fresh and they are delectable - a great respite from the day.

Indeed, you can see why making the choice to serve Thomas Haas pastries was an easy one.